Royalist School

What is it about?

It is the place where Fusiliers, Grenadiers and Guardsmen meet in order to talk about various subjects related to the regiment.
Starting with the Fusilier rank you will become more involved in the regiment as a whole. It is important to spot and solve not just game issues, but people issues as well.

 As a result, this meeting is being held regularly so that everybody has a voice.


In a regiment, things are constantly in flux. Many people work on many things in order to keep things going, but people are not perfect.
As a result, mistakes or bad decisions are bound to happen at some point.

With this idea in mind, the Royalist School is basically “the first line of defence when” it comes to handling issues in the regiment.

It also acts as a staging area for members wanting to take more responsibilities in managing internal regimental duties as a higher rank later on.


The members also have the power to take important decisions such as removing members from the regiment if this is voted upon. Following this, the staff will be informed along with the person holding the highest rank in the regiment and the decision will take effect.

The most notable responsibilities of each rank participating in the meeting will now be listed into three main categories of topics.

Meeting at a table

What are your responsibilities?

Since line battles happen mostly everyday, issues can occur for various reasons and everyone is invited to share their views and observations regarding the following topics:

  • Members not respecting or following orders correctly
  • Training is lacking or proven ineffective resulting in people making mistakes
  • Arguments between leadership or regular members are causing distress and issues during events
  • Suggestions for improving our play during events and our skills in generals
  • Suggestions for improving our strategies in various scenarios
  • Anything else negatively affecting the experience or issues which need to be dealt with that are affecting that experience

A regiment is made out of many different people and rules are sometimes broken.
When dealing with people and regimental issues you are required to:

  • Take note of people not respecting rules. This can include anything like
    • not being present in the events
    • behaving inappropriately
    • other issues such as not marking attendance and maintaining a good weekly presence in events
  • Always be respectful to other members
  • Issues with procedures, commands, staff activity and tasks assigned to people.
    You should also provide a solution to the issue as well or at least propose it as a topic to be discussed and handled with the other members
  • Discuss issues pointed out by any members regardless of their rank and come to an agreement in solving them.
    If someone approaches you personally and the issue can be solved easily, you may do so independently
  • Take initiative in spotting issues to the best of your ability and reporting them

Sometimes things just do not feel right. It is possible that things could be done better and more efficiently. It is strongly encouraged for members to spot these issues and handle them.
As a result members should:

  • Spot issues when dealing with situations and propose solutions on how to improve procedures
  • Not tolerate breaking of rules by members as well as people not meeting requirements to go on without any action taken. Through your own initiative, you should propose the topic of handling the situation and vote on a course of action.
    Upon organizing the meeting, a person may be demoted, have medals removed or even kicked out of the regiment if such an action is deemed necessary.
    The decision must still be forwarded to the person having the highest rank on the regiment and the rest of staff, but the decision taken in this meeting carries the most weight and will be carried out regardless (unless the highest rank individual decides to do so in the last second for a valid reason).
  • Take on tasks given to you by staff in order to assist them in their activity whenever possible.
    Being part of the Royalist School means that:
    • You are dedicated to the correct working order of the regiment
    • You represent the voice of the people and give everyone a say
      As a result, helping staff is seen as a positive mark on your activity and a negative one if you continue to refuse to take on new responsibilities on a regular basis.

How far do they go?

Fusilier specific responsibilities

You now have more involved role in the regiment, but you are still learning. Mistakes are expected and taking initiative in terms of involvement is encouraged.

A brave new world of regiment management

It is expected from you to try to perform all the above mentioned activities even though you might fail. It is not expected from you do them perfectly or take on as many tasks as higher ranks, but showing interest is a plus.
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Grenadier specific responsibilities

You have shown dedication to the regiment and taken responsibilities when you could. Now you are on your own. You are not expected however to handle staff activities in terms of commands and staff related already established processes, but any level of inquiry and involvement is encouraged.

Eyes of the regiment

You are now expected and required to solve regimental issues when they arise or before they happen as well as take on responsibilities from staff if help is needed. You act as a link between lower ranks and staff and some level of management involvement is expected and encouraged. For meetings to take place it is also required for at least one grenadier to be present at all times. Handling issues with individuals not respecting the rules or falling below requirements is now a requirement.
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Guardsman specific responsibilities

You are an elite soldier, can handle yourself on the battlefield and are an inspiration to others. You work closely with staff and are encouraged in helping whenever you can. More access will be granted to you, however you are not expected to be perfect at leading a line or managing internal affairs. but willingness to get involved is encouraged.

A watchful guardian

You watch over the other members of the Royalist School and coordinate their activities if your intervention is needed. You have information about how things are going and maintain communication with staff. It is not expected from you to lead or organise entire events or sort out internal procedural issues such as database administration or keeping track of people absent unless you are given permission and/or are willing to get involved.
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closing words

Like any place where likeminded people combine their powers to make something better, a regiment is complex to manage and keep in working order. Specifically since people are prone to making mistakes.

Being a part of the Royalist School gives you a first taste of that and just by being here shows your dedication and joy of being part of an ever-growing family.


Every voice matters and must be listened to. So remember to speak up whenever you can.

Always remember that you are not alone. We are all in this together after all and communication is key. We may not be perfect, but we all have an idea of how things could be better. So let the meeting commence and make a difference!

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