45th | DISCORD

Holdfast (Official)


After successfully entering the 45th Discord server, the Recruit should be instructed to edit his profile on the server in the following way:

  1. Navigate to the website:
  2. Type the profile name in the following format and click on the “COPY” button afterwards as shown below:
  3. Edit Server Profile
  4. Now tell the Recruit to paste the information (CTRL-V) into the following input and click Save.
    This will set his username in the discord server to an easy to identify name.

In order for some of the next Discord menus mentioned to be accessible, it might be necessary for an ESO/NCO to add them the following roles:

  • @EU-Newscast
  • @EU-Infantry

Even if they are accessible, some changes may not be permanent until these roles are given.
So please keep this in mind and contact an ESO/NCO as soon as possible.

This step is not mandatory

Game Roles1

Game Roles2

The following commands must be typed only one time:

!register Infantry EU-Monday
!register Infantry EU-Tuesday
!register Infantry EU-Wednesday
!register Infantry EU-Thursday
!register Infantry EU-Friday
!register Infantry EU-Saturday
!register Infantry EU-Sunday

In order to mark your attendance or absence, the following commands can be used:

!attending EU-Monday
!notattending EU-Monday YOUR REASON

If the recruit cannot attend the training, then it is ok as long as he tells one of the people in charge of the formations or shooting training that he will be late.
It is important to get a confirmation too.

As a backup he can also write to a Fusilier, Grenadier or Guardsman online at the time or just write in a channel as an emergency (like discussion channel).

45th | Rct. | YOUR NAME
45th | Inv. | YOUR NAME
  • Saturday – 8PM BST
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday – 7 PM BST

The parade is every two weeks on Tuesday which means it will start on 8PM BST when the parade occurs.

This info is subject to change.

At this point, all that remains is adding the right permissions on TeamSpeak and the welcome message for the regiment.

Make sure the permissions of the Recruit look like this (for Invite, the permission is different: Just the Invite one):

Simply right click and choose the right permissions from the Server Group menu:

Adding a picture and a message for the website (requires website admin access).

Make sure you follow these rules:

  • if there are 2 recruits, make a 3 column row
  • If there are more than 2 recruit, but less or equal to 6 people. then make 3 x 2 column rows
  • If there are more than 6 people in one category, add 3 people per row.
    Sometimes it might be better to alternate 3 people per row with 2 on the next row for aesthetic reasons.

Now that everything is done, a welcome message must be written in the Discussion channel:

Welcome to our Newest Member @NAME_OF_RECRUIT 
`Make sure to take good care of him gents!`