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Regiment Handbook

About us

We are in this together

  • Once you are in our regiment, you are only allowed to join another regiment after a discharge. You may request to leave by speaking to any of the high ranking members of the regiment.

  • Trolling is only acceptable as long as it does not get in the way of duty on the battlefield! We are a fun loving regiment which strives to offer a positive experience for everyone. You can have fun and become a better player at the same time. We are a team and respecting others goes along way.
  • We encourage mature behavior by respecting our rules and upholding them. As such. drama is not appreciated and frowned upon in this regiment. There is always a better way to express yourself and to make your voice heard. Please strive to  solve any issue in a reasonable and mature manner at all times.

Regiments have many stories to tell

  • We have events each day as well as melee fights outside of these events in which members can participate to learn more about the game. These activities take time and effort to organize and schedule which why your understanding and respect matters a lot. 
  • We use Discord and many of our channels there in order to communicate with our members as well as have fun outside the events like a big happy family.  Please make sure you do not post disturbing things in these channels as we want to maintain a nice fun loving community.
                                                          • We have members from all around the world sharing our love for gaming and as such we also play other games quite often. You can always find something to do in the 45th Regiment of Hampshire and we hope you will have many good memories for years to come as we welcome you to our family of misfits.

We love line battles!

  • Since events take place every day and involve dozens or even hundreds of people, being able to communicate with everyone is vital. For this we use TeamSpeak. It is not mandatory to chat using a microphone, but we promise you will have a ton of fun if you get more involved in the community.


  • We require you to be logged in and present in the server preferably one hour before the actual event as we are training for the upcoming battle! If you are unable to attend warmup, please make sure to explain the reason for your delay and avoid making a habit out of this, as measures  such as demotions will be taken for the people who have poor attendance and this includes training sessions.


  • We expect members to write at least one hour and thirty minutes (1h 30m) beforehand if there is any doubt about not being able to stay for the entire event or if you simply cannot attend. In some circumstances, it is ok if you were late at work and came storming in to write the message, but it is strongly discouraged.


  • We will expect you to attend the event once your attendance is marked. It is not allowed to change your mind about staying right before the start or during the event unless IRL stuff occurs in the meantime. If the reason for your absence is due to you wanting to play a different game, for example, then this is not fair towards the rest of the regiment and the people involved in the event. If it was your intention to spend time doing other activities, then this reason should have been stated when announcing  your absence on Discord.


  • It is important to always mark the fact that you are attending or state your reason for your absence.


  • This is important for multiple reasons:
    We can tell the event hosters or the staff how many people we will bring to the event. It enforces a certain degree of commitment and respect towards each other and the community. It is encouraged for you to be present as much as possible as consistency will be noticed and will set you up for a promotion in no time!


  • As such we kindly remind you again to write your reason for not being able to attend or to mark your presence in the event preferably before the one-and-a-half-hour mark everyday or for multiple days at once.


  • Nicknames, such as changing names in-game, are not allowed in some circumstances. Please ask permission first and make sure you are playing using the 45th tag. If you are asked to change your name, please do so.

Company! Prepare to march! Marching!

  • You will hear this command and many others everyday, but it is also important to listen. By listening to commands you help maintain order in line and can even save lives on the battlefield. Life and death can often be decided by how quickly and accurately you can execute them. Do not worry though! You will quickly learn them and there is no shame in failure as long as you strive to do better next time! We are all in this together, remember? Always respect your commanding officer and higher rank members and follow the orders given!

  • There are medals to give and ranks to receive for any members which shows willingness to improve both in game, but also as an individual. Good things come for those who show respect. Experience will come with time and there are always members you can rely on if you need help or have any questions..

That is mutiny sir!

We hope this will not be necessary, but sometimes it is necessary to take measures against members for various reasons.

  • If a member is repeatedly underperforming, this situation will be brought up in the Royalist School, a meeting in which Fusiliers and Grenadiers take part in. After this talk, the person in question will be informed of his situation.

  • Following this talk, if the person does not improve in the next month (at most – deadline will be communicated), another Royalist School meeting will take place in which the demotion will be decided. This decision is also taken with the highest rank in the regiment as well for final approval.

  • We may also discharge you from the regiment without notice if you do not uphold the communication requirement in terms of your attendance especially if there is no possibility or plan from your end in order to address the situation. This can happen if, for example, you have been inactive for multiple weeks without letting us know or have not been communicating with the regiment and you are not attending events for a prolonged period of time.

  • It is important to respect the members of this regiment and the opinions of other people. It is ok and encouraged to speak up and voice your opinion as it is important to be constructive and help each other, but it is not acceptable to overpower other members with your own opinions and create a toxic atmosphere by prolonged aggressive behavior which causes unnecessary stress for the other members unwillingly involved in this discussion.


Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning or strike. If this behavior is repeated, it will eventually get you a dishonorable discharge from the regiment.