Frequently asked Questions

How do I go about confronting issues with members or the Chain of command?

The easy solution is to confront the person you got a challenge with and try to solve the issue between you both if it gets to a point where it affects your attendance. And producing a severe attitude or anything that could lead up to difficulties. Then it's better to go up to speak with the Chain of Command about it. In case it's the Chain of the command that's the issue then we got different people within the Chain of Command you can speak with even if it's an issue with ESO's.
How is the Chain of Command Structured?

Do I need to attend according to my requirements even if I got work/school?

Depending on the situation If it's because you are hardworking and got a work schedule or as an example school then in most circumstances it would be alright not to fill the attendance requirement fully. But if it's something that keeps re-occurring, it can affect your position in the regiment. For example, Michael attends a Monday and a Tuesday but can't participate in the rest of the week because of work. That would be fine but let's say that Michael can attend. But choose not to then it's not acceptable. So such as playing other games wouldn't be a valid reason not to fill your requirement. And after all, you accepted this when you joined the regiment.
What are my Attendance Requirements?

How do I rank up or show the interest to climb the ranks?

First of all, the best course of action. Is to ask for the rank and ask how to get to it. We have a handbook that explains the requirements. It's up to each member if it's medals or ranks to ask the NCO/ESO's for them if they feel forgotten as the Staff Team will not always keep an eye on everyone there will be times it will slip.
Rank Requirements

Attendance Requirement I’m not currently upholding?

If you are not filling the requirements for attending, it's your responsibility to make up for it by attending other days and doing other things that might help the situation. The best course of action would be to contact a Staff Member to confirm the status to keep the rest of the staff aware of the problem and that you are trying to uphold the requirements. After all, it's not us who is to blame for the matter if you do not maintain it.

How do I go about getting a Leave of Absence?

The best way to get a Leave of Absence is by first having a good and valid reason for it. As an example "I am going to be playing Roblox for the next three weeks" would not be a valid reason for an LOA and you would most likely not get one if that was the case. LOA is reserved for people with work/school/stress/depression and other events that might lead up to or are related to issues in IRL as we take that more seriously than someone wanting to play a game for a set amount of time instead of putting effort in attending and being part of the community. This shows a lack of interest in the community and it counts against you. By having enlisted in the regiment you make a promise to attend as much as you are able to join. Not as much as you are willing. When requesting an LOA, you must provide a start date, a return date and a valid reason. You must write to an NCO/ESO or any of the following positions: Private First Class, Lance Corporal or Corporal. LOAs are only given out to people who request it and it is not something which takes effect automatically. Failure to announce this will result in absences and a bad mark on you as a member., They are to be issued only if the period requested is greater than a week. The proposed period can be questioned if the validity of the reason is questionable. It is your responsibility to make sure that you receive a confirmation that it was written down after you have handed over the information.

Communication I’m not currently upholding it?

Well, the short and simple answer. You will have to improve. We are a communication-based regiment so as an example not writing in the attendance or not communicating out. Would be your problem in the end, And it can lead to frustrations in some circumstances. You will be given a chance by staff in most situations to improve it, but if the offence repeats multiple times, you might be asked to step down from the current position or resigned from the regiment.

Warmup: I missed it or was late?

Well if you are late for a warmup you must be ready for the actual event either way if you end up getting yelled at from time to time because we do not want to break the rules or get the people killed then you really can't complain after all it's all meant in good intentions. You can always come up after. And discuss the issue or challenge. With the NCO/ESO if you believe it was too harsh, but in the end, you should attend warmups. They are mandatory for anyone who signed up for an event also signed up to be on one hour before. Even if we are not going to use the full hour, you have to be in the TeamSpeak channel active and speaking and on the server ready at least 5-10 minutes before the warmup.

I’m going to be late and might miss out?

In case you are going to be late, you are responsible for telling the people in charge and the Staff Team that you will be late. No one else being late as an example without informing us directly DM'ing will result in a warning system continuously until the situation is resolved.

I’m interested in Joining a detachment?

Well that’s great to hear but there are a few things you need to get to first. As an example you need to become a regular in the regiment before you can be put into a detachment and also you need to have activity that would be suitable for a detachment position. If you are still interested in joining it you need to take contact to the detachment leaders for further discussion on the matter, not the Staff Team.

I’m interested in the Competitive side of the regiment?

If you wish to join the competitive side of our regiment, you would also need to ask the people in charge of it. There might be requirements that will be out of the current handbook that you would need to complete or succeed in to be part of the competitive groups that we might have here in the regiment.

I Don’t like an event/or I want to merc while my regiment has an event.

If you wish to merc with other regiments you will have to do it outside our event hours. In some circumstances you might be allowed to do it at the same time but only with permission from ESO’s. If you do not like an event then you shouldn’t just take the day off you should try to talk with the ESO’s about it and try to find a solution mercing for another regiment on the other hand means you are unreliable in our eyes.