Server Name: 45th Weekly Friday Event |
Event Time: 20:00 CET (server is online at 19:45 CET)
Event Password: Will be given out on discord sametime as the server goes up or sometime before. 
Estimated Time: Make sure to be ready on our discord atleast 1 hour before the event as we will request numbers it's mandatory!
Specials: Artillery/Sharpshooters - Based On Balance
Regiment Mods: We are not obligated to add your mods. We normally add mods one week after the regiment has been in the event. In some cases we might add it sooner but no promises. Depends when you signup really as well.
Regiment Limit: We have put the Limit to Five at this current moment however we do make exceptions depending on the content.
Uniform Optimisation: We decide what Uniforms we want our servers if it cause an issue to majority of the clients it will be removed.
  • 45th Regiment of New Hampshire – 17/22
  • 12th Virginia Infantry Regiment – 6/12
  • 17th Florida – 6/12
  • 77th Alabama Volunteer Regiment – 6-12
  • Les Grognards De l’Empereur – GDE – 6-12
  • [VIIe] 36e Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne – 6-12
  • 1.Danske Livregiment – 6-12
Estimated: 53/94


1.1. Line battles are formal events composed of two teams comprising multiple units typically organized by Regiment. All participating individuals (excluding certain nominated persons) must be associated with a participating group. – Also only 40 people from each regiment is allowed to attend and no more. Unless on rare occasions we might make an agreement or change it depending on the event and balance


1.2. The two teams will appropriately engage each other until the round end or until a set time at which point all remaining troops will participate in the melee.


1.3. In the pursuit of a successful line battle, participating units will adopt the classes and behaviours of the groups detailed below.


1.4. In the pursuit of a successful line battle, If you are artillery you can use Artillery cannon if you are a cannoneer. If you are not then you cannot use it same goes for units like Cavalry and Lights can’t use those classes or their horses or equipment or tools. Which should be common sense.

2.1. There are several different classes of play that participating units may adopt. If a participating group is too large, it may split into constituent groups, each capable of taking a different class.

2.2. Line Infantry – Line Infantry comprises the bulk of the participating troops in a line battle, consists primarily of line infantrymen, with a flag bearer and an officer to command. Line units may employ additional officers and auxiliary units at a proportion of one officer and one auxiliary per 5 line infantrymen. Line Infantry may proceed across the map in line or column formation, but may only fire when formed into Line. Officers, flagbearers and musicians may position themselves around the Line as deemed fit. But must remain within close proximity of the Line. – It’s also common sense that Lines would be moving out as lines and not in other formations

2.3. Sharpshooters – Sharps is a designation applied to certain types of foot soldiers (infantry) throughout history, typically having lighter equipment or armament or a more mobile or fluid function than other types of infantry, such as heavy infantry or line infantry. Historically, light infantry often fought as scouts, raiders and skirmishers—soldiers who compete in a loose formation ahead of the main army to harass, delay, disrupt supply lines, and generally “soften up” an enemy before the primary battle.

2.4. Artillery – Artillery is a class of heavy military weapons built to fire munitions far beyond the range and power of infantry’s small arms. Early artillery development focused on the ability to breach defensive walls, and fortifications during sieges, and led to massive, reasonably immobile siege engines. As technology improved, lighter, more mobile field artillery cannons developed for battlefield use.

2.5. General Classes – If you are not assigned as a set unit such as Artillery or Lights, you shouldn’t pick the classes. If you do so, it will result in a slay and might even result in a kick from the server or ban in the worst case.

2.6. Fire out of Line aka FOL – As Infantry you must be shoulder to shoulder to fire this counts for both officers and any auxiliary or person. While some Specials such as lights have different rules. However written in Section 6 and Section 5 does also indicate specific rules that would drop those specials into Line Infantry rules once they have either lost a specific amount of people or lost their cannon.

3.1. In addition to the limitations as mentioned above by class and unit, several supplementary rules are listed below. These rules should be considered to apply to all classes and groups unless otherwise stated.

3.2. Charge Fire Rule – Any unit may elect to charge a nearby enemy unit, given reasonable proximity to said unit. A unit in a charge may opt to break formation and advance directly towards the enemy without the benefit of a formation. In the event of such a charge, the attacking unit must immediately cease all fusillades and rely solely upon melee weaponry. A unit receiving a charge may continue to employ its volleying until one or more members of the Line are engaged in melee combat, such as going into melee animation

3.3. Officer Aiming Rule – Officer aim isn’t allowed. However, if an officer puts himself in direct Line of fire/harm’s way, it will not be counted as deliberate OA.

3.4. Timer Rule – During a line battle event, the Administration of the event may elect to impose a time limit upon regular engagement, after which point the remaining players may be asked to converge at a single point, employ only melee tactics, break formation or perform some other task in any combination as specified by the Administration. Such ‘Timer’ Rules will be defined in advance for the benefit of participants, e.g. “All Charge” where players engage in melee only combat to determine the round.

3.5. Unit Size Rule – A unit upon reaching a predetermined minimum size (typically 2 men or fewer) should, upon concluding any imminent engagements, proceed to join with any friendly unit of the same category, as rapidly as possible.

3.6. Spacing Rule – A unit must at all times show apparent attempts to uphold shoulder-shoulder spacing in the Line. The Administration will warn units that are not making apparent attempts to follow this rule. And worst case slay.

3.8. No Crouching – No Crouching as line infantry unless you are in a double row (the 2nd Rank must always be standing up) or you have at least half covered by an object such as a Fence. To engage the enemy team you must be standing up at all times not crouching unless you are in a double rank aka double row.

3.9. No Buckshots – You will be slain if you use buckshot. And should you continue to do so you will receive a final warning and then you will be removed from the server. Either by the use of a kick or a temp ban

4.1. Definitions – A ‘Spacing’ of measurement should be taken to equal that distance of space on the ground occupied by an individual soldier when standing still.

4.2. Limited Slots – Admin Team may Limit Regiment to number to avoid the server getting full in case some regiments bring more. This is to make sure we got free slots in case a regiment does bring more not filling the server up so no one can partake in the Linebattle

4.3. Server Mute – Admin may server mute any player during the event who are clearly VOIP spamming or Constantly writing in the chat with un-useful stuff.

4.4. Specials Rotation – All Specials are decided by the admin team which regiments get what which you are also signing up for if you read the rules.

4.5. Admin Decision – Admins has the final say and decision making, Arguing with the admin in chat and not on our respectable platforms. Will result in a server mute should it go over the limit. however if any issues do occur we would want feedback to be done on our platforms, Such as Discord/Website/TeamSpeak3

5.1. Artillery Amount – The Regiment chosen for artillery can field five artillery crew. Also to be specific only 4 cannoneers and one pioneer, per cannon max.


5.2. Artillery Classes – The artillery guard and team may defend their artillery piece(s), They are allowed to skirmish but must be within 15 Spacings of a powerful cannon to do so. Meaning they cannot stay and skirmish next to a cannon that has been abandoned by its crew. Artillery guard skirmishing must be used defensively only; any offensive use of this privilege will result in the offender being slain. Short The Moment you abandon that Cannon you cannot shoot in the Skirm formation any longer


5.3. Artillery Cannon – Artillery may not use A Respawned cannon. After their first Cannon is destroyed. If they do so it will result In the Removal of Artillery for their Regiment and the spot will be given out to A Different regiment but that is only for New spawned Cannons. Besides the two, there is already there. In case the other Artillery crew’s Cannon is still alive you are allowed to take over their arty piece in case they are dead, and it’s no longer in use. As long as it’s not a respawned one. Artillery Stealing is allowed if you are a cannoneers


5.4. Artillery Guards – Artillery Guards are considered Cannoneers. Not anything else but Cannoneers


5.5. Artillery Classes – Artillery crew must go cannoneer class.


5.6. Artillery Rockets – In our current state of the event we do not allow Rockets. They might spawn in. But they are not to be used. However, they can be used for Lookouts but not shooting


5.7. Artillery Mortars – In our current state of the event we do not allow Mortars. They might spawn in. But they are not to be used.


5.8 Artillery Cooldown – Artillery is not allowed to shoot at the Cannon’s Until the Arty VS Arty has been passed and this also counts for shooting at spawn you are not allowed to shoot at spawn either doing this time. If you fail to uphold those rules, you will be slain in an instant. And potentially the whole arty group


5.9 Artillery Pioneers – Artillery Pioneers are allowed to reload the cannons and shoot with the cannons if they wish.

6.1. Sharps Amount – The Sharps Detachment is allowed to have 5 in total Amount and no more than 5 – All Five must be the Light Detachment Including Officer. Also, we might change the amount depending on the balance.

6.2. Sharps Spacing – Lights must uphold A Spacing of Five doing the whole event If the lights get seen with different spacing doing multiple Rounds, That Regiment could lose Sharps in the long run

6.3. Sharps Engagement – Sharps may not fire on an enemy unless their formation has stopped moving. Individual Sharps may shift around but the larger formation must not be moving. This includes if the Sharps are falling back or advancing they may not fire.

6.4. Sharps-Officer – Must be within A Spacing of at least eight towards his group at all time or this will be counted as A Rambo

6.5. Sharps OA – No OA Is allowed Rule 3.3 Still counts when it comes to all Units besides Artillery

6.6. Sharps Rocks – Sharps are not allowed to stand on top of Big rocks Where the infantry would need to jump to reach the Sharps. However, if it’s small rocks that are with the terrain, it’s okay.

6.7. Sharps Drops – The Moment Sharps drops down to 2 people they must Join a friendly Line and are no longer considered Sharps

6.8. Sharps Auxilliery – You may have one Auxiliary unit such as Medic. However, he is not allowed to shoot out of formation. He is still considered Infantry

7.1. Cavalry Amount – Each Cavalry will have 5 Horsemen’s which concludes 5 Cavalry in total. Which would be Hussars/Dragoons. Also, we might change the amount depending on the balance

7.2. Cavalry Spacing – Cavalry must keep spacing of 6 to one another during the whole event unless you are charging the enemy foes. According to any rules listed below

7.3. Cavalry Formation – You must keep formation at all times during the event. Until you are close enough to charge the enemy foe, Charging from the beginning of spawn would be counted as Rambo. Being in a loose formation just charging over the middle would be seen as trolling

7.4. Cavalry Dismounting – Once the Cavalry horsemen have been dismounted. They must either charge the enemy if they are close within a distance of 12 man spacing distance or close enough while their friendly Cavalry is engaging. If the dismounted horsemen were to charge an enemy from long range after being dismounted rule 7.6 would count in this case.

7.5. Cavalry All Charges – During all Charges Cavalry will need to dismount from their Horse to make it a fair battle after getting close to the enemy units as in 20 man foot distance so they can prepare themselves

7.6. Cavalry Rambo – Cavalry Rambo – Cavalry can still be called out for Rambo as an example charging an enemy from a long distance without a proper cavalry group would count as Rambo. Charging dismounted from a long distance would also be Rambo. The Regiment designated with Cavalry could lose it in the long run if this rule always gets broken or after the admin’s discretion

7.7. Cavalry Drops – When Cavalry drops down to two the Cavalry Unit must dismount and Join a friendly Line or Finish an already going charge. As soon as possible. But are not allowed to engage another Unit

7.8. Cavalry Pistols – You can use your pistol as long as you want, but the moment you engage the infantry or any unit for that sake in close-quarter combat. You are no longer allowed to use your firearms unless the whole cavalry unit disengages. However, you are allowed to shoot on the first approach. Which means you can shoot then charge.

7.9. Cavalry Dragoons – You have to be holding if you are shooting as a Dragoon with your horse. Due to the Weapon Penalty and Buffs.